Commending Like-Minded Organisations


TGCA ultimately exists to see more people saved, more people discipled, more churches revitalised and planted in Australia, and more people sent from Australia to take the gospel to the nations.
To further these ends, TGCA seeks to strengthen gospel convictions and to encourage and assist Christian people to commend, and contend for, the gospel. TGCA also seeks to facilitate connections between like-minded groups to promote the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We realise that TGCA is not alone in wanting to see this happen and acknowledge many other groups with specific interests within this common purpose.

Commending like-minded organisations

The following organisations are also committed to the historic Christian faith and the particular convictions of Reformed Evangelicalism, our determination to keep the gospel front and centre, and our desire to work together so that we might reach Australia for Christ.*

* TGCA has articulated its Reformed Theological convictions in its Foundation Documents. Organisations listed on this page may have their own distinct expressions of these basic theological commitments, but our mutually shared convictions enable us to work together fruitfully.