Episode 35: Jen Logan

Episode 35: Jen Logan

Why should Christians care about art? Does God care about art? How can art be used to express Christian truth to today's post-Christian Western society? Join Tori Walker in conversation with Jen Logan to hear her fascinating answers to these questions.

Jen Logan came to Christ in her early 20s. She trained and worked in the area of social work in Australia before moving to England. There she studied at the London School of Theology and King’s College London. One of Jen’s main focuses this year is as director and conceptual and visual lead for Fer, an initiative that produces creative, theologically inspired projects that communicate explicitly or implicitly the Christian narrative and worldview through art and apply it deeply to the whole of life today. Jen lives in a hyper-local Christian community in the heart of London with her husband, David, and their two children: daughter, Aoife, and son, Tate.

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Fer – “a collaborative project following the tradition of art used as a theological medium; as an instinctive mode for communicating the faith.”
  • Anglican Deaconess Ministries – Jen received funding through ADM to further the work of the gospel through Fer. See this link for her interview with ADM.

Sound-bites from this episode:

(Regarding the problem of evil) … everything else did not feel like the solution was as weighty as the problem. Whatever the solution was, it seemed to me that it did need to come from outside of ourselves. I could not be the source of my own enlightenment.

The beauty and wonder of the person of Christ is pretty hard to go past for anyone who has given him serious attention.

If you go through the deep history of Christianity, art has always been such a key player in the communication and expression of the Christian Faith and theology.

Even beyond the text of the Bible we see so much art involved. Beginning with creation … even in the description of the way God created is art in itself. It’s a poem of the act of creation.

Ritual is an art form … the routine, the daily obedience of breaking bread … sometimes feels boring … but I find those things are more transformational for me than the big wow inspirational moment.


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