Hannah Begg is a young woman in her 20s. Until recently she worked as an occupational therapist in Brisbane. She now works and lives in the UK. While she grew up in a loving Christian home, she found herself grappling with the brokenness of the world. Her journey to having a real, honest relationship with God included many deep and confronting questions and struggles with what she believed to be true.
“I think I felt quite terrified that there was this darkness was in the world. I knew the world was broken, but I felt like I was saying to God, “Is it really this broken? Like, this is really bad?”
“I wasn’t sure if God could understand how I was feeling.”
“I was trying to reconcile the God that I knew with the darkness that I was confronted with. I needed to know if He was there as well.”
In her quest to reconcile the God she worshipped with the darkness of this world, Hannah found uni to be a healthy part of the journey, by mixing with people who challenged her thinking. It was during this time that the gospel ultimately profoundly answered her deepest questions and struggles with trusting God. 

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This is Amazing Grace by Phil Whickham

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