Karen Fowler and her husband Ryan lost their beautiful baby boy in October 2018.  Strengthened by their trust in God’s goodness and sovereignty, they have responded to their grief with compassion and selflessness.  They have set up Rio’s Legacy, a charity which aims to see at least one hospice in every state of Australia, with the specific aim of supporting children with a terminal illness and their families.  Karen lives with her family in Sydney. 


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Rio’s Legacy – https://rioslegacy.org.au/


Sound-bites from this episode:

I was raised in a Christian family… I continued to go to church, didn’t really develop my relationship with God until probably late teens and then went to and fro from that.

I’ve had definite moments where God’s touched me or spoken to me or revealed things to me. But I wouldn’t say that I suddenly became a Christian in a moment, it was just a gradual feel. My faith’s something that’s been refined and developed through life. I feel like I’ve grown into the Christian I am today.  I don’t feel like I woke up and suddenly it was that.

He was seeing someone else and the marriage fell apart within months.

I did learn though, but I’m forever appreciative for what I have, and sometimes I think if you don’t learn that way you don’t fully appreciate what you’ve got, and I’m continually like daily appreciative of how easy our relationship feels compared to being in a wrong relationship.

When you can’t do anything for your child medically, all you want to do is make them not scared and help them feel comfortable and safe.

God can bring him peace. God can bring us peace, even if the scenario is that he doesn’t make it through the night, God can just be. And surrendering everything in the moment to God is what we became dependent on doing.


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