A collection of sermons and Bible talks from all around Australia; curated by The Gospel Coalition Australia.
Latest Episodes
Mark Dever – Growing Healthy Churches and Ministries (TGCA Vic)

TGCA Victoria – 27 March 2019 – Mark Dever – “Growing Healthy Churches and Ministries”

Kevin DeYoung – Queensland Together for the Gospel

Queensland Together for the Gospel – 25 November 2018 – Kevin DeYoung – Matthew 20:1-16 “The Glasses of Grace”

Encouraging conversations with Christian Women about faith, life, ministry and many other things!
Latest Episodes
Episode 35: Jen Logan

Why should Christians care about art? Does God care about art? How can art be used to express Christian truth to today's post-Christian Western society? Join Tori Walker in conversation with Jen Logan to hear her fascinating answers to these questions.

Episode 34: Kerry Newill

Trauma, Counselling and Youth Ministry - Kerry explores how all three of these topics, centred around God's Word, have shaped her understanding of God and how we live our lives in response to Him. In this way, Kerry has found herself better equipped to teach the Bible, to counsel others and to serve in a youth ministry that builds deep relationships and teaches teens exegetic skills in reading and understanding the Bible.