A collection of sermons and Bible talks from all around Australia; curated by The Gospel Coalition Australia.
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Tim Dyer – Conflict in Ministry: Early Signs, Prevention and Reconciliation

A talk by Tim Dyer from a meeting of the Victorian Chapter of TGCA, November 13, 2019

Mark Dever – Growing Healthy Churches and Ministries (TGCA Vic)

TGCA Victoria – 27 March 2019 – Mark Dever – “Growing Healthy Churches and Ministries”

Encouraging conversations with Christian Women about faith, life, ministry and many other things!
Latest Episodes
Episode 41: Liz Preston

How big an issue is abortion in our society?  Who does it affect and how do they deal with it?  Liz Preston has devoted her life’s work to thinking about this topic and helping women facing unplanned and crisis pregnancies.  In this episode, she talks with Tori Walker about how she and her husband got involved in this work, the type of counselling and support that Priceless House is involved in, and shares some of the stories of the men and women she has helped.

Episode 40: Karen Nelson

Karen is the co-founder and CEO of the ISeeU Trust. Listen as she shares how growing up in Apartheid South Africa led her to long to help marginalised young women succeed in a world that is hostile to their circumstances. Karen's gratitude to the saving grace of God leads her to share her joy in caring for others, whether her own family, the many couples that she and her husband, Hugo, have taken through premarital counselling, or the young women she and her Trust partner, Haley, have mentored over the past few years.