Writers from Australia and Australasia are welcome to submit both pitches and full articles to our editorial team at: [email protected]​.org.au

We are a small team, and our response times might vary from a couple of days to a couple of months.

While we cannot guarantee acceptance, you may increase your chances by familiarising yourself with the kinds of articles we publish and reading our Contributor’s Guide and following the suggestions and style tips therein.

We currently are not in a position to pay contributors.

Basic Submission Requirements

  1. Residence: We primarily accept submissions from citizens and residents of Australia and New Zealand.
  2. Confessional Agreement: With few exceptions, we require our writers to agree with our Foundational Documents.
  3. Referees: We require contact details (email and phone) for two referees who can testify that you are a person of good character and sound doctrine. Apart from exceptional circumstances, one of these should be an elder/minister of the church you currently attend.
  4. Bio and Photo: Please provide a short bio (under 300 words) in separate file and a good-quality headshot.
  5. Declaration of Conflict of Interest: Please notify us if you are reviewing a book or event, or writing about an organisation or circumstance with which you have some direct personal, organisational or professional connection.
  6. (Optional): We welcome a suggested cover image and in-text images for your piece, provided you can give evidence of their copyright status.
  7. Formatting requirements:

a. Word .docx format.

b. 12 point, Times New Roman, 1.5 spaces.

c. Document title: ‘Article <Article Title> <Author Name> <YYYYMMDD>.docx’ (for eg Article Why Biblical Theology Matters Mikey Lynch 20230327.docx).

d. 1000 words maximum.

e. Break article up into sections of 300 words or less, with sub-headings.

f. Conform to the style rules in the Contributors Guide.