The Author

Akos Balogh is the Executive Director of TGCA.

He is married to Sarah, with three children.
Akos was born in Budapest, and was blessed to be able to come to Australia as a refugee in 1981. He came to faith in late highschool, through the influence of friends, family, and school Scripture. He went on to study Aerospace Engineering at UNSW, before working in the RAAF for five years. After completing his B. Div. from Moore Theological college, he then had the joy of serving with AFES for six years, at Southern Cross University in Lismore.

Akos recently completed a Masters of Arts (Theology) through the Queensland Theological College. He serves an elder at Southern Cross Presbyterian Church, also in Lismore, and blogs weekly at You can reach him on twitter via @akosbaloghcom.

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