The Author

Brianna is a freelance writer and lover of all things literary and theological. Raised in the Blue Mountains and surrounded by Christian family, she came to faith within the Presbyterian church. She loves exploring God’s creation – from Indonesia to Switzerland – and has also completed an internship with London City Mission. Brianna now lives in Sydney and studies Philosophy and Ancient Greek at the University of Sydney. She attends Anchor Church, Sydney.

Good News Saturday: God of the Micro and Macro

We worship the God of the micro and macro. During COVID-19, you might have noticed the micro. We’ve been in our homes, with our

Good News Saturday: Notice God at Work

COVID-19 seems like old news. We’ve been living with

Good News Saturday: What We’re Learning

God is our Teacher. He is, of course, many

Good News Saturday: There’s Work to Do.

God always has good work for his people to

Sunday was Easter—Again.

A few weeks ago, we celebrated Easter. You probably