Chris Watkin

Chris Watkin grew up in Yorkshire and now lives in Melbourne with his wife and family. He lectures in French and Literary Studies at Monash University where his research focuses on God, humanity and society in contemporary French philosophy. In February 2021 he will begin a four-year Australian Government funded research project entitled ‘Rewriting the Social Contract‘. In addition to publishing academic books in French philosophy he seeks to bring philosophy and theology into conversation in volumes like Thinking Through Creation: Genesis 1 and 2 as Tools of Cultural Critique, and introductions to Derrida, Foucault and Deleuze in the P&R ‘Great Thinkers’ series. He keeps a blog about theology, philosophy and culture at thinkingthroughthebible.com (Twitter handle: @thinking_bible). His personal Twitter account is @DrChrisWatkin.

Resources by Chris Watkin

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