The Author

Courtney Deanne is a born-and-bred Melbourne girl who moved across cultures—first to Sydney, then to South Asia—for the sake of the gospel.  After the Lord Jesus, her dearest loves are her husband and four children, books and baking, musing and music, broad horizons and vast skies. 

Prosperity, Sword and Famine: Reading Jeremiah 29:11 in Context

Why do we make a banner of Jeremiah​ 29:11, but skim blithely past Jeremiah 44:27? Are we so quick to align ourselves with

Dare to Compare?

The comparison game is almost never a helpful pastime,

The Worst Deal Ever: Meditating on Jeremiah 2

We want water, and we dig our own broken

The Lord is My Shepherd: Meditating on Psalm 23

Have you ever really read Psalm 23?  I know,