The Author

Faf Driscoll is a secondary school teacher in the south-west of Sydney, Australia. He married his best friend Ashleigh in January 2016, and loves music, coffee, and crumbed lamb cutlets. He and Ashleigh both attend City Light Church Balmain. You can find him on twitter @MrFafDriscoll or contact him at [email protected]

"Is It Wickedness or Is It Weakness?": An Analysis of Kendrick Lamar’s Latest Album

In this way, the album at face value is violently nihilistic and honestly depressing; a product of an uncertain man living in uncertain times.

My Year in Music

As the haunting lyrics, “Tuesday night at the Bible

How Great Is His God?: A Review of Chance the Rapper’s ‘Coloring Book’

“Everybody finally can say it out loud, ‘my favourite