The Author

Fiona McLean and her husband Gus and their four teenage children live off lots of mince and pasta and whatever vegetables are cheapest! Fiona works as the Women’s Discipleship Minister (half-time) at the Unichurch congregation at St Jude’s, Carlton in Melbourne; with her family, she also serves at St Stephen’s Anglican Church, Greythorn. She was brought up to eat everything she was served. She doesn’t generally like Earl Grey tea, but tries not to complain if she is given it.

Reflections on Food and Dieting

Most of us have a complex relationship with food.  It’s linked to our identity—we define ourselves by what we eat, or what we don’t

GAFCON: Why this Anglican Conference matters to all Christians

A vibrant Nigerian choir; stirring Bible teachers; nearly 2000

Training Women for Eternity

I recently read an article in The Weekend Australian

Why We Sent Our Children to Local State Schools

Schooling represents a significant, and perhaps increasingly fraught, area