The Author

Jennie Baddeley is married to Mark and cares for their two children. She works part time at Redlands Presbyterian church and is involved in various writing and other projects. She loves being involved in children’s ministry and ministry to women and finds spare time to be her rarest commodity once taking care of a young family is undertaken. On those occasions, she enjoys reading, a good cup of (Assam) tea, listening to a symphony or Bach Cantata, baking and watching obscure TV shows and playing board games with her husband.

Quick to Listen

How do we listen? We live in a world that apparently values listening. As a society, we are committed to the voiceless acquiring a

Love, and be Silent?

Suffering often happens so suddenly. One moment things are

These Fallen Words

One of the hardest aspects of suffering is having

The Struggle to Repent

I dislike repenting. I’m committed to the concept and