The Author

Joshua S. Hill is a writer from Melbourne, Australia. You can read more of his writing and reviews on his personal website, Facebook and Twitter @JoshSHill.

Book Review: Creation and Doxology (ed. Hiestand & Wilson)

It can be very easy, when conversations of ‘creation’ arise, to get caught up in a debate over origins—evolution versus creationism, six days or

The Privileging of Vision: Lewis’s Metaphors of Light, Sun, and Sight

Specifically, Lewis doesn’t see human reason as a source

The Results and Lessons of Obedience in Numbers

Obedience is not some optional extra we can ignore

Expectant Bible Reading

Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy: even the most impassioned Bible-reader

The Enigma of Autobiography: McGrath’s Critical Reflections on ‘Surprised by Joy’

In a book of essays investigating the intellectual world