The Author

Joshua S. Hill is a writer from Melbourne, Australia and member of Mitcham Baptist Church. You can read more of his writing and reviews on his personal website , Facebook and Twitter @JoshSHill.

The Privileging of Vision: Lewis’s Metaphors of Light, Sun, and Sight

Specifically, Lewis doesn’t see human reason as a source of light in and of itself, but rather that “the ability of reason to illuminate

The Results and Lessons of Obedience in Numbers

Obedience is not some optional extra we can ignore

Expectant Bible Reading

Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy: even the most impassioned Bible-reader

The Enigma of Autobiography: McGrath’s Critical Reflections on ‘Surprised by Joy’

In a book of essays investigating the intellectual world

Make Disciples

Last words are important. In many instances, last words