The Author

Lauren Entwistle works as a nurse at an inner city hospital in Perth. In her spare time she drinks too much coffee, watches too much television, and edits the zine and blog Naming Animals with her husband David.

My Year in Books and Television – Lauren Entwistle (Working Mum Edition!)

The current season of my life (toddler, work, Masters, house built in the sixties) is reflected in this list, which I am very conscious

Various Excuses I Employ While Watching Project Runway

​When I look at Tim Gunn, I fantasise about

My Year in Books, Podcasts and Television (Maternity Leave Edition)

Young priests. Grouchy detectives. Unrequited love. True friendship. Murder

The Pope of Late Night

A man in his fifties reclines on a couch,

Lauren Entwistle reflects on Sufjan Stevens’ visit to Red Hill

Just last month, midweek, I was at the top