The Author

Paul Grimmond is the Moore College Dean of Students. Before joining the faculty he served as Senior Assistant Minister at Unichurch (UNSW) (2010-2016), having previously been an editor for Matthias Media (2008–2009) and Rector of Unichurch (2003–2008).

He graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) in 1993 and a Bachelor of Divinity from Moore College in 2000.

He is well-known as a trainer, mentor and pastor of students within the MTS apprenticeship and as a conference speaker. He is also the author of Right Side Up (2009), The Archer and the Arrow (co-authored with Phillip Jensen 2010), Suffering Well (2011) as well as a number of articles on pastoral issues for the general Christian public.

Don’t Be Anxious About Anything! Is That All God’s Got To Say?

I’ve struggled with anxiety in different ways all through my life. The most significant and obvious episode was a series of panic attacks and