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Steve McAlpine is approaching an age which would be a more than useful Test batting average. He is a pastor of Providence Church in WA, is married to Jill and together they have two children, Sophie and Declan. Steve grew up in Northern Ireland, but apart from rolling his “r’s”, and talking too fast, is a West Aussie through and through. He has degrees in journalism and theology and enjoys combining the two through writing and blogging, especially on matters of church planting and cultural negotiation for Christians in the increasingly complex West.

Hey Christian: It’s not ok to say “Ok Boomer”

Speaking as a cynical, grumpy ex-Gothic X-Generation boy who all the other generations despise, let me say this: If you’re a Christian, it’s not

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This post from Cam and Cath Beeck was first published

The Legislation You Get When the Common Ground is No Longer Common

The response to the Australian Government’s just announced Religious

Hey Ministers and Theologians: When it Comes to the Secular Workplace, You Just Don’t Get It

The Israel Folau storm has exposed many things, and


I was doing a recovery-run the other day, just