The Author

Tori Walker lives in Brisbane and is a member of Mitchelton Presbyterian Church.  She has a B Div from Moore Theological College, and has worked as an Assistant School Chaplain and a staff worker with AFES in Far North Queensland.  She loves teaching the Bible to women, and talking with people about their faith in Jesus. Family time is important to her, especially if it includes a beach or mountain! With Taryn Hayes, Tori co-hosts The Lydia Project: Conversations with Christian Women, a podcast published by TGCA.

Episode 37: Amanda Stoker

Amanda Stoker didn’t start out her career as a lawyer with the view to become a Member of the Australian Parliament. Yet, it was

Episode 33: Taryn Hayes

Taryn has recently moved from Cape Town in South

Episode 31: Keith and Sarah Condie

Host Tori Walker chats with Sarah and Keith about