The Author

Wendy Lin is a theology graduate, ministry wife and mother of three tweens/teens. She loves reading, reviewing books, speaking from the Bible, thinking through Christian living issues, and being involved with various ministry-wife networks. Her husband ministers to university students and together they are involved in marriage & parenting ministries. Wendy blogs at musingsinadelaide

Review: Between Us Girls by Trish Donohue

Are you a mother with a tween or teen daughter? If so, my guess is you might be a bit like me and seeking

Rediscovering Humility, Christopher A. Hutchinson

I am so proud of my humility. Really, I am a very humble person. And I congratulate you on your humility too, let me

This is my Home

Due to an odd convergence of various events I

She’s Got the Wrong Guy: Why Smart Women Settle

It’s with some hesitation that I write this review. I married young and have not experienced long term singleness, the unmet desire for companionship

Women of Faith: Daily Encouragement from Her-Story

This collection of 366 readings is a mostly chronological covering of women of faith from Mary, the mother of Jesus, to the present day.