The Author

Wendy Lin studied at Moore Theological College, graduating in 2002 with a BTh. She is married with three school-aged children and she views her home as her primary ministry. Her husband is in full-time ministry to university students, and together they co-ordinate the marriage & parenting ministries at their church.  She also gives Bible talks and seminars to women’s groups, and is involved in several ministry-wife networks. Wendy blogs at musingsinadelaide

Made for More

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Is there more to this life?” When you talk with your neighbours, family members and colleagues, do you

Visiting a Gospel Partner

This January we enjoyed a trip to Cambodia, visiting

Visiting a Sponsor Family

We have recently returned from a trip to Thailand,

A Journey to the Cross for Lent

Journey to the Cross I have read numerous Easter devotionals over the years. Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross by Nancy Guthrie has been a favourite, with

Being Involved at School

As we dive into yet another school year, have