Treasuring Christ More Than Spectacles

In October last year, Mark Zuckerberg announced his company’s next global-scale endeavour. Meta is building the metaverse, a virtual reality that will trump our physical realms in every respect. Convenience. Visual appeal. Self-expression. Novelty. With minimal gear and Wi-Fi, you can “teleport instantly as a hologram to be at the office without a commute, at a concert with friends, or in your parents’ living room to catch up.”[1] Zuckerberg’s imagined future hinges on one assumption: visuals will get so close to mimicking reality that humans would prefer to live in an artificially engineered, rather than actual, world. After reading Competing...

Competing Spectacles and Treasuring Christ

Trees and “The God of the Garden”

To read God of the Garden is to take a stroll through a forest. There is a lot of meandering; there are paths that suddenly lead down into hidden valleys or up to ridge-line vistas; there are tiny things to peer down at in fascination and giants to look up at in awe. And sometimes, it can be a little bit tricky to see the wood for the trees. There is a wood there, however—or rather a whole lot of woods. Andrew Peterson’s God of the Garden is a meditation on the wonders of the natural world, and a celebration...

andrew peterson's god of the garden cover

My Year in Books – Tim Thorburn

I feel the odd one out with book reading during COVID. Perth has been such a restriction-free zone that I have been able to spend most of my time at the ministry coalface. But here are a few 2021 books still worth mentioning. Wisdom in Leadership Development by Craig Hamilton I loved and continue to benefit from Hamilton’s first book, Wisdom in Leadership. I expected this to be a similar collection of gold nuggets, but it is a different beast. The main thesis is that developing leaders is a different ballgame to discipling and leading the congregation, and so requires...

My Year in Podcasts – Jonathan Holt

My family laugh at how many of my contributions at dinner begin with a reference to a podcast. I listen to podcasts because I enjoy the storytelling and insights that come from others, and that’s why I’ll happily recommend podcasts. As I think back over the year past, I can think of three episodes that I’ve found especially helpful. I listen to podcasts because I enjoy the storytelling and insights that come from others. “Isolationism and Exceptionalism” Managing Leadership Anxiety, Season 2, Episode 6; Steve Cuss Anxiety, as a form of distress, is rife in our communities, and very often...

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