The Chosen and The Word

As I gazed at the smiling, gentle face of Jonathan Roumie, I felt uneasy. This actor who portrays Jesus in ‘The Chosen’ was different to any other Jesus actor I had ever encountered. He had the right skin colour for a start. But more than that, his face somehow simultaneously conveyed a strength and kindness that attracted and drew me in. I felt the need to remind myself that he wasn’t Jesus, and that thought gave me pause. At last, a screen interpretation of Jesus and his disciples that is believable! … Why then this niggling sense of disquiet? Kudos...

Ulysses at 100: Modernity, Humanity and Meaning

Ulysses, Irish author James Joyce’s encyclopaedic novel, vividly immerses us in the birth of the modern, urban, capitalist, industrialised, secular world.[1] Ulysses celebrated its centenary of publication in February of this year and will be further celebrated on June 16th—called ‘Bloomsday’ by fans of the book.[2] While now widely recognised as one of the great novels of the twentieth century, it is not universally beloved.[3] It radically experiments with plot (or lack of plot) and genre; it is sometimes irreverent to the point of blasphemy, sometimes smutty.[4] While now widely recognised as one of the great novels of the twentieth...

Grace, Strivings and Asian Culture

I’ve never known a life without striving. Perhaps it’s because my kingdom was built by the sweat of immigrants and refugees—fleeing homelands with bruised hearts and pockets full of dreams.

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