The Momentous News of the Gospel

The Gospel Coalition Australia stands or falls on the ‘evangel’, the momentous gospel of Jesus. Our generation however, is in danger of assuming what this gospel is. If what is taught in one generation becomes assumed in the second generation, then it will be forgotten in the third generation before being denied in the fourth generation. In a strong Bible teaching movement like ours, we can assume what this gospel is to our peril. So we need to keep teaching the gospel to every generation for the glory of Jesus. We assume what this gospel is to our peril … we need to keep teaching the gospel to every...

Bless, for to This You were Called

The founding pastor of one of America’s most infamous ‘churches’ died on the evening of Wednesday, March,19, 2014. The late Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist ‘Church’ left a legacy of hatred and bigotry that many (though not all) of his family now inherit. Their notoriety stems from their public vitriol—most famously directed at gay people, but also towards the American military, other churches, shops, and more. I bring up Phelps and his legacy because it raises a question for churches about issues of cultural engagement. How is the church to relate to people, communities, cities, even nations, with whom they...

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