Why Even Secularists Might Not Like A Post-Christian West

The West is becoming Post-Christian. Fewer people are identifying as Christians. Christian views on gender, marriage and sexuality are increasingly seen as extreme [1] As a result, Christianity itself is increasingly marginalized. And while many secular commentators are happy with this state of affairs (just look at the responses to Roe v Wade being overturned), there may well come a day when they, their secular children or grandchildren yearn for the time when Christianity had greater influence in the West. There may well come a day when our secular commentators yearn for the time when Christianity had greater influence in the...

How Christians Are Helping Ukrainian Refugees in Hungary

Over 4 million Ukrainian refugees have crossed into Europe since the war began, with 350,000 entering Hungary thus far. Akos Balogh spoke to one of his friends, Abel Lukacs Kiss, who is a Hungarian Christian aid worker with Dorcas Ministries [1], to find out more about the situation on the ground, how Christians are responding, and how Australian Christians might be able to help. AB: Could you describe the situation of so many Ukrainian refugees arriving in Hungary?  As you know, the overall situation is horrible. The overall situation is horrible. Millions of people have been forced to leave their homes. Millions...

Shane Warne’s Death and Eternity

Vale Shane Warne. The passing of Australia’s most iconic bowler is a reminder for all Australians that death and eternity are sober and glorious realities that all of us will eventually face. Death. It’s something that makes us deeply uncomfortable. If death were just an idea, it wouldn’t plague our souls. It’s the fact we must face death that most troubles our hearts. We are scared to death of the day we must face our greatest fear: death itself. If we’re honest, the reality of our death is probably the reason we Australians pack our lives with as much leisure,...

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