The Beauty of Jesus

It’s becoming increasingly common in our popular media and culture to hear people claim that the Christian faith is discriminatory, bigoted, hate and just horrible. In fact ABC Sydney radio presenter Richard Glover was taken aback late last year when he did a seven minute segment talking about the birth of Jesus on his radio show before Christmas and he received an angry backlash from listeners where he was accused of ‘promoting a magic man in the sky’ and platforming ‘ideas that are beyond the pale’. He was told he might as well have used the segment to explain the...

Ask TGCA (4): Can We Still Share the Gospel?

Since we seem to no longer preach in public places, how do we best evangelise? I fear we christians (in the West, at least) have become insular and even acquired a fortress or ghetto mentality. How do we (in church) set hearts on fire? I met a “noob” the other month. You know what I mean by “noob”, don’t you? A newbie. A brand spanking new Christian. And not one of those “were-they-or-weren’t-they, grew-up-in-church” sort of noobs. No, this was a genuine “back-of-the-court-Hail-Mary-on-the-buzzer-all-net” effort. From no kinda Christian at all, to a praying, church-attending, Bible-reading, telling-other-people-about-Jesus, kinda Christian. And in her...

Learning About Islam

When Christians want to learn about Islam, where should they begin? If pastors want to equip their churches to respond to Islam, what would be the most practical and memorable approach? First, some definitions: Islam is the name of the religion; a Muslim is a follower of the religion; the Qur’an is the main holy book; Allah is the name of God (instead of Yahweh); and Muhammad (d. AD 632) is the main prophet. Muhammad not only knew about Christianity, he made it a major subject in the Qur’an But maybe the crucial thing to understand is where Christians and...

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