Life-Giving Thankfulness for Soul-Crushing Compliance Admin

When it comes to bureaucracy and administration I have been blessed with significant privilege. Many others have taken on much of that work and so freed me up to focus on other things. I have not worked in industries as heavily regulated by compliance and administrative as others do. So I must confess that when it comes to this kind of work I am a big sook. I admit it. But I am not alone. The particular frustration, despair and numbing sense of futility that we human beings feel in the face of mounting piles of seemingly endless and often...

A Christian Guide to Dating Apps

I met my husband on a dating app. We’ve had a mixed reactions when we tell people how we met. My husband Tom apparently told his cousins we met through ‘mutual friends’, to avoid the awkwardness. We’ve had people acknowledge it’s just like a new form of speed dating, and even some encourage us for being proactive. It’s tricky being a conservative Christian but growing up in a society where there’s an app for everything. So I thought I would add my two cents as someone who owes her marriage to her phone.   1. Find an App where Religion...

Commending and Contending Episode 3

Author Chris Watkins encourages us to contend for the gospel with the full resources of the whole Bible. Chris recommended an article by Mike Raiter, on congregational singing: The Slow Killing of Congregational Singing

The Worth of a Woman

Sex, roles and gender have been discussion topics since the beginning of time (Genesis 2). An article released last week on The Gospel Coalition USA site (now taken down), which presented sexual intercourse as an “icon” for salvation—a man’s seed as the analogy of the gospel and a woman’s vagina as the fertile heart of a new believer, together with the occasion of International Women’s Day—today, the 8th March—has prompted me to write. Created Woman Last Wednesday, as part of the women’s Bible study I attend, we studied Genesis 3. In the previous study, we had delighted in the intricate...

Commending and Contending Episode 2

In this episode we speak with Dani Treweek about how we can commend the gospel through the sisterly and brotherly relationships we have in our Church communities. We hear from Dani about how that might be done well amongst single and married disciples. Dani recommended this article by Andrew Moody: A Hell of a Kiss

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