Life-Giving Thankfulness for Soul-Crushing Compliance Admin

When it comes to bureaucracy and administration I have been blessed with significant privilege. Many others have taken on much of that work and so freed me up to focus on other things. I have not worked in industries as heavily regulated by compliance and administrative as others do. So I must confess that when it comes to this kind of work I am a big sook. I admit it. But I am not alone. The particular frustration, despair and numbing sense of futility that we human beings feel in the face of mounting piles of seemingly endless and often...

How I Made It: Commending and Contending Podcast

In this edition of our Makers series we speak to Jonathan Holt about the newest audio resource on the TGCA website, the Commending and Contending Podcast. TGCA: Where did the idea come from to create this new podcast? The goal of The Gospel Coalition Australia is to encourage and assist Australian Christians to remain convinced of the truth and power of the gospel, so they commend and contend for the gospel in life. We have a growing depth of written resources at the TGCA website that do exactly that. The Council could see that there was room to develop our...

The Church of England and the Future of World Anglicanism

The Church of England made a decision last week which will have long-term consequences for the Anglican Communion around the world. Their General Synod (national oversight body) voted to accept a recommendation from the Bishops to prepare prayers of blessing for same-sex marriages in the Church of England. Their official media release says:  The General Synod has welcomed proposals which would enable same-sex couples to come to church after a civil marriage or civil partnership to give thanks, dedicate their relationship to God and receive God’s blessing. How shameful that the bishops who are charged with upholding the doctrine of...

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