Review: 5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse

As imperfect humans, there are lots of tasks we’d like to be better at: folding fitted bedsheets; figuring out online meetings; finding time to rest and socialise on the weekend. For imperfect Christians, there are the additional joys and responsibilities that come with our faith: regularly meeting with our church family; being accountable to fellow believers; spending personal time in Bible reading and prayer. The effort to carry out these tasks ebbs and flows as seasons of life change. However, like salvation itself, they all require a willingness and action on our part. Being disciplined enough to pray can be...

Kids and Welcoming Like Jesus Does

I was eight when my grandmother was asked which grandchild was her favourite. I probably wasn’t supposed to be listening, but I was, and I distinctly remember her answer which related to a sweet face and beautiful blonde curls. Let’s just say it wasn’t me. Although I am over it now, I remember feeling a pit in my stomach. Like I was worth less than the child my grandmother had deemed her favourite. Showing favouritism towards one person over another isn’t a recent phenomenon. As Ecclesiastes tells us, “there is nothing new under the sun.” (Eccl 1:9) The story of...

Dane Ortlund’s “Deeper”

Think of your worst sin. The one you just can’t seem to shake off, no matter how many resolutions you make. The one you avoid telling people about—or if you do, you hide just how deep its roots have infiltrated into your heart. What will it take to kill that sin? If you’re like me, you vacillate between despair (“I’ll never be free of this sin, so there’s no point trying”) and thinking freedom is just around the corner—once you make the right plan, read one more book, or get the right accountability structures in place. While all these strategies...

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