TGCA is sad to announce that our CEO, Akos Balogh, will be finishing his time with us at the end of this week.

Akos has been with The Gospel Coalition Australia since October 2017 and joined after completing his Master’s Degree through QTC. Before that, he worked with AFES following his graduation from Moore College.

I’ve been so blessed to be able to serve God’s Kingdom across Australia through The Gospel Coalition Australia. I’ll be sad to leave this strategic ministry and have really appreciated working with so many great people at TGCA, including our Editorial Director Andrew Moody, our Chair Gary Millar, and the wider TGCA Council.
I also wish to thank all our readers and supporters. This ministry wouldn’t happen without you.
(Akos Balogh)

Akos is moving across to Moore College, where he will head up the External Engagement Team. However, he hopes to continue regularly contributing to TGCA’s website.

We’ve appreciated having Akos on board to take TGCA to this next stage. We wish Akos, Sarah and his family well in his new role. We’re now in the process of looking for a replacement to continue Akos’ good work.
(Gary Millar)

TGCA will continue under the oversight of TGCA’s Executive Committee Chaired by Gary Millar. The website will continue to be looked after by TGCA’s Editorial Director, Andrew Moody.