The Author

Taryn Hayes co-hosts The Lydia Project: Conversations with Christian Women podcast with Tori Walker on TGCA. Until 2017, she and her husband, Craig, and their four children lived in Cape Town, South Africa where they spent many wonderful years as part of the St James Church, Kenilworth family. Today, Brisbane is their home city and Mitchelton Presbyterian their church family, where Craig and Taryn are involved in growth group ministry. In addition to homeschooling their children, Taryn is the author of the gospel-highlighting novel, Seekers of the Lost Boy  (Naledi, 2013) set in Apartheid South Africa. Today, Taryn continues to enjoy writing both online and off when she can.

Episode 40: Karen Nelson

Karen Nelson is married to Hugo and together they have four children. Karen began her working life as a lawyer and lobbyist. Growing up

A Jesus Christmas

When I was a child growing up in South