School’s back, youth group has recommenced, the politicians are back in Canberra, the traffic is back on the roads and the Easter eggs are back in the shops. In other words, January is over and the year has begun in earnest. 

So we thought this would be a good time to implement a few of the changes to the TGCA site that we have been planning over the summer.

If you’re a close reader of the site, you’ll notice a few changes that become effective from today:

– The Ministry channel will be renamed as Ministry, Training and Leadership, to reflect the fact that its particular emphasis is not on the works of service that we’re all called to do but on the work that equips and encourages others in their service of Christ.

Christian Living and Faith & Work will merge together into a new channel, called Faith, Life and Work, which will focus on the theology and ethics of everyday life. Starting on Monday, that channel will feature a series we have been working on over the summer about marriage, sex and celibacy, which will be followed later in the month by a series on Christ, work and rest.

– Starting today, we are introducing a new Evangelism and Apologetics channel, which will bring together in one place the content on proclaiming and defending the gospel that would previously have been spread across several different channels. Murray Campbell, who has been a regular contributor to the TGCA site during 2015, will be the editor overseeing that new channel.

We’re also excited to welcome on board a great bunch of new writers who will be joining our team of regular contributors this year; we’ll introduce them as their first articles get posted across the next few weeks.

Thanks to all the many people who read, share, discuss and comment on our posts, and who encourage us in our labours. Please pray that God uses our work on the site during 2016 to grow us all in our love for the Lord Jesus and our fruitfulness in his service.

Image: NYE Sydney