​Prayer of the tempted

Spare me, Father!

My heart is prone to stray, chasing after the things that will only destroy me.

Spare me from pride, a blindness of heart, and a refusal to seek your will,

from envy, malice, and uncharitableness towards others,

from the lusts of the flesh and weakness in the face of temptation,

from discontent and longing for what I can’t have,

from godless ambition and seeking my own glory,

from the deceitfulness of riches,

from anxiety and prayerlessness,

from laziness, busyness and trivialities.

Spare me, Father, from these sins and from all other things that distract me from the glory of Jesus Christ in whom I have forgiveness for my sins and all the riches of the world to come.


Image: Otto Greiner, Betende Hände (source: http://www.bassenge.com/)