Al Stewart and Amelia Haines: Reclaiming Masculinity

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CEO Akos Balogh talks to Rev Al Stewart (City Bible Forum) and Dr Amelia Haines (specialist in sexual and relational health) on the topic of masculinity.

Live Audience Questions include:


56:22 How are these “masculine” character traits distinctly masculine?

55:47 How is our mission as men different from that given to women?

1:06:29 Are there any biblical distinctions between men and women that aren’t relational?

1:09:25 What should I do if I don’t feel masculine?

1:12:47 How can I reclaim my masculinity? Where can I learn how to be a man?

1:20 What does the Bible tell us about gender identity and fluidity?

1:30 Many people frown on the idea of men using their power on behalf of women. How do we respond?

1:34:09 How does the call to heroism square with the gospel which emphasises our weakness and neediness?

1:38:58 How can Christian men learn to relate to macho/tradie culture in a godly way?

1:43:07 Is sitting in church, listening to sermons, a feminine thing?

1:45:18 Can women exercise authority over men in a godly way in the workplace?

1:50:25 What do you think of the idea of rites of passage for boys?

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