How to Live for Jesus in the COVID-19 Age

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Al Stewart and Amelia Haines: Reclaiming Masculinity

CEO Akos Balogh talks to Rev Al Stewart (City Bible Forum) and Dr Amelia Haines (specialist in sexual and relational health) on the topic of masculinity. Live Audience Questions include: –––––––––––––––– 56:22 How are these “masculine” character traits distinctly masculine? 55:47 How is our mission as men different from that given to women? 1:06:29 Are there any biblical distinctions between men and women that aren’t relational? 1:09:25 What should I do if I don’t feel masculine? 1:12:47 How can I reclaim my masculinity? Where can I learn how to be a man? 1:20 What does the Bible tell us about...

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