As part of TGCA’s mission to help Christians and Churches during COVID-19, TGCA is launching a ‘one-stop-shop’ COVID-19 Resource Page, with links to a variety of resources (from TGCA and other sources).

The COVID-19 Resource Page covers topics such as:

  • Online church guides (i.e. the technical aspects)
  • Taking church structures online
  • Creative evangelism
  • Family and devotional resources
  • Wellness
  • Showing love to the vulnerable
  • Thinking through the issues

The Resource Page provides resources for busy pastors and Christians that have been ‘vetted’ for their theological faithfulness and practical usefulness, thanks to the hard work of many students at Moore Theological College, who partnered with TGCA in this endeavour. The COVID-19 Resource Page can be accessed via the homepage on our website, then scrolling down and clicking on the picture: ‘COVID-19 Resources for Churches’.

We intend to add to these resources as time goes on.

If you know of a good resource that would be worth adding, or have a need for a particular resource that is not yet on our resource page, please email [email protected]

We pray this resource page would help Christians like you live for Jesus during COVID-19.


This initiative was made possible by the generous partnership of Christians like you, through our TGCA COVID-19 Resource Fund. To help us serve more Christians across Australia during this pandemic, please consider supporting us.