Don’t Miss The @HomewithColin Easter Special This Wednesday 8th April

Colin Buchanan is continuing his new online video, @HomewithColin,  in partnership with The Gospel Coalition Australia. The @HomewithColin online video is designed to engage Aussie kids with the gospel during COVID-19.

@HomewithColin launched last Wednesday, and the response from viewers has been overwhelming. Thousands of families watched on as Colin sang his well-known tunes from different parts of his house. Whether from his garage or next to his wheelie bins, Colin engaged us all with his gospel tunes.

A nice touch for those watching via Facebook Live was being able to send Colin song requests and engage other listeners via the Facebook comments. There was a genuine feeling of togetherness, even though we were all social distancing in our homes.

Here is some feedback from families that saw Colin’s last video:

Zoe said, ‘Wow, [this is] the best thing that has happened in my family all week’.

Alison said, ‘I can’t wait for this to happen again’.

Claire said, ‘I loved watching this with my kids. I don’t know who got more encouragement out of this—me or them!’

Melanie said, ‘I have felt very isolated from my Christian church family during COVID- 19. It was so nice to be on a live feed and being able to see Christian brothers and sisters from all over Australia, and the world, watching in real-time together. I am so thankful for TGCA and for Colin for putting this together. Thank you!’

And so, Colin will be appearing again this Wednesday, 8th April, at the new time of 5 pm AET. If you want to see Colin live online this Wednesday, please visit his Facebook page,
Colin Buchanan, by 5 pm. (Please note: it’s always a good idea turning up a few minutes early).

We pray these videos would help families focus on Jesus’ death and resurrection for us during this challenging time of COVID-19.

This initiative was made possible by the generous partnership of Christians like you, through our TGCA COVID-19 Resource Fund. To help us serve more Christians across Australia during this pandemic, please consider supporting us.