The Lydia Project: Episode 12—Julie Sparkman

The Lydia Project is a podcast featuring informal interviews with Christian women about faith, life, ministry and many other things. The series is the brainchild of Tori Walker and hosted by The Gospel Coalition Australia. 

The Lydia Project: Episode 12

Episode 12 – Julie Sparkman: Unhitching from the Crazy Train



Julie lives in Alabama and works as a counsellor with Restore Ministries.  She is a speaker, podcaster and soon-to-be-author..   


  •  Podcast: “Restore Ministries: Head to Heart, Connect what you know with how you live” 
  •  “Unhitching from the Crazy Train” by Julie Sparkman and Jennifer Phillips (to be released in March 2018)

Photo: Stu Rapley, flickr