Even though life changes, life gets chaotic, you’ve just got to stay plugged into God.

In this episode, the main feature is from the GROW Women’s Conference in Brisbane when Tori interviewed three women about living their lives in the light of the gospel. Recorded live at the 2019 GROW conference, this episode is shorter than most. However, keep listening because after the GROW interview, Tori shares some exciting news about the podcast platform and she introduces listeners to Katie – The Lydia Project’s very own podcast assistant who has been working hard behind the scenes.

Kylie has four children in primary school and is a member of City North Baptist where she’s involved in Sunday school teaching. Her superpower of choice would be invisibility so that she could occasionally hide from her kids.

Val works in the One Williams Street Tower. She goes to Central Church and her super power would be the power of high metabolism so she could eat whatever she liked and not have to work it off!

Dena has been a member of Grace Bible Church since it began. Her husband is the founding pastor and together they’ve been involved there for many years. They have four adult children. If she could have a super power it would be the super fast running speed of Dash from The Incredibles so that she could dash all the way around the world seeing friends and family and be back in time for dinner.

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Show Snippets:

Kylie: “It’s an ongoing process. His word is still convicting and it still offers a lot of mercy and a lot of grace.”


Dena: “I’m thankful for the freedom that comes in Christ.”


Val: “I’m tempted at times to be lukewarm and ashamed of the gospel.”


Val: “Your workplace is sometimes your main ministry because you’re there all the time.”


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