We must assume that every part of us is dented.

Dr Carolyn Russell is a medical doctor and qualified counsellor who spends much of her time either in counselling or in teaching others about mental health and counselling. Carolyn is married and has three children that are all grown up and independent. She recently became a grandmother and loves to spend her time sewing and kayaking or spending time with her granddaughter. Carolyn attends Mitchelton Presbyterian Church (MPC) and is a GP Counsellor and Relationship Therapist. She loves to watch people grow within themselves and as a result start to trust in Jesus.

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Living Wholeness 

Queensland Theological College

Foundations Counselling


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For the first time she put mercy and justice together for me, in God. And I was stunned. It’s not all about having fun or knowing this God who is a grandfather. I had to wrestle with the fact that God is a judge and I was a sinner.


A community mental health practice where we could be Christians not just in name but Christians in practice. Having a place where we could invite people who did have mental health struggles and who could not feel embarrassed to raise the fact that they wanted to trust God at the same time.


Our journey of transformation is one where we think we are less dented and we realise that we are more dented and damaged and that grace allows us and our relationships to function even though we are pretty bad at them …


The more flawed we are the more we know how wonderful it is what the Lord has done for us and that he wants to walk beside us.  Even though we are still flawed human beings, he gives us his presence. How remarkable is that?


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