The Christians at school voted me the person in the year least likely to become a Christian.

Claire Smith is married to Rob, and attends St Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral, Sydney. They have a married son. Claire is a New Testament scholar, women’s Bible teacher, and the author of God’s Good Design: What the Bible really says about Men and Women, 2nd ed. (Matthias Media, 2019), and contributor to the ESV Women’s Devotional Bible (Crossway, 2014) and Word-filled Women’s Ministry: Loving and Serving the Church (eds. Gloria Furman and Kathleen Nielson, Crossway, 2015). Claire serves on TGCA editorial panel, working to develop women writers and content.


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I went home that night thinking “I can’t possibly become a Christian”.


He stuck in there with me for six years, sharing the gospel with me as my life progressively fell apart.


The whole subjective view of gender identity is entirely at odds with the embodied  view of personhood you see in Scripture.


I do think committees are a form of ministry.


The Gospel Coalition Australia is a way of helping those different gospel networks talk to one another and resources one another with articles, podcasts & resources….trying to  serve Christian people with good evangelical thought-provoking material that is going to help them.


What we all want to be as Christian people is faithful servants of Christ – what better summation of our lives could there be than that we’ve poured ourselves out for Christ.



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