As Mother’s Day was approaching this year, Taryn and I had the idea that we could ask our kids some questions about us as mothers and then have a brief chat about Mother’s Day, motherhood and a few associated topics.  As we were thinking and chatting about this, we kept deciding not to do it because it just felt a bit awkward to talk about our own roles as mothers and then ask our kids about it.  And then we decided to do it, because as podcast listeners we really enjoyed being able to get that behind-the-scenes, lighthearted look about people’s lives, and especially people who we knew a bit through listening to a podcast.  So with a sense of awkwardness, we did continue on.  We hope that you find it fun and enjoy listening.  We certainly found it really instructive, and learnt quite a bit along the way, including how we most embarrass our kids! 

On a more serious note, we do begin this episode with a brief discussion around how Mother’s Day began, what we value about it and our thoughts around the question of how to best care for others for whom Mother’s Day is an emotionally difficult day. We hope that you enjoy the episode and that Mother’s Day is a day when you are reminded of the blessing God gives the world in mothers.


Sound-bites from this episode:

I’ve had varying feelings about Mother’s Day over the years… how do we find the balance between honouring mums … and yet take into consideration those for whom Mother’s Day is hard.

What would your ideal Mother’s Day look like?

My mum was great at enthusing us about good things … I do find myself doing that with my kids.

If you could rewind and do things differently as a mum, what would they be?

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