I’ve learnt that while (of course) God is glorified in the results of peacemaking, God is also glorified by the journey of peacemaking.

According to Jennifer Mary, her earliest memories include spending countless hours speaking into a tape recorder for the sheer joy of hearing her own voice! It is no surprise that she now contributes towards the family’s income through her work as a voice actor.  Married with three kids, Jen is in the throes of life with a young family. In Jen’s case, that also includes homeschooling, working, and serving in ministry.  Jen’s favourite ministry experiences include deep conversations with her children, especially when they make Bible observations and connections. Jen also serves on the GROW Women’s Convention committee and in her church home, St Lucia Bible Church. 

One of Jen’s favourite Bible passages is Titus 3:5. She says, “At a time when I felt fruitless and empty to the point where I was questioning my Christian identity, this verse lifted me out of doubt and reminded me that God saved me based on his love and kindness, not my own good works (or lack of).”

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Ken Sande’s book ‘The Peacemaker’ has been really helpful, and in particular the idea that the point of peacemaking is to glorify God.  I’ve found this especially comforting when the reality of achieving a reconciled relationship looks unattainable – you know, when everything humanly possible has been done towards restoration, yet things become worse than they were before.


I’m the eldest of 3 children, I knew in theory that I was sinful, but I was just so used to being the good kid – I was blind to the self-righteousness in me and I felt approval or recognition was owed to me. Looking back, I see how God gave me the exact failures, humiliation and trials to free me from living under the power and domination of these struggles. 


During that time, I had an acute psychotic episode … there were ambulance and police involved. It was a hard time, I think the lead up to it was the hardest thing. I look back with such gratitude to that experience.


Well, from the time I could talk I think I loved the idea of being recorded. My mum would put me in front of an old tape deck and I would yabber away until the tape ran out, just for the sheer joy of it. I didn’t know about voiceover as a job until much later in life.


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