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LATEST Episodes
Episode 35: Jen Logan

Jen Logan came to Christ in her early 20s. She trained and worked in the area of social work in Australia before moving to England. There she studied at the London School of Theology and King’s College London. One of Jen’s main focuses this year is as director and conceptual and visual lead for Fer, an initiative that produces creative, theologically inspired projects that communicate explicitly or implicitly the Christian narrative and worldview through art and apply it deeply to the whole of life today. Jen lives in a hyper-local Christian community in the heart of London with her husband,...

Episode 34: Kerry Newill

Kerry was born in Cape Town, South Africa to her parents, Rog and Les Palmer. They served in uni ministry at the University of Cape Town during her formative years. Kerry studied at George Whitefield Theological College in Cape Town during her first few years of marriage. After completing her studies, she worked in uni ministry while also serving alongside her husband, Craig, in his role as a pastor at St James, Kenilworth. Their focus was on youth and young adult ministry, with a particular emphasis on training others in Bible reading and teaching skills. Today, Kerry, Craig and their three children...

Episode 33: Taryn Hayes

Taryn has recently moved from Cape Town in South Africa to Brisbane with her husband and four kids. Taryn loves connecting with people. If she could have any superpower it would be to be fluent in every language and culture in way that allows her to connect more deeply with those she meets. Links from this episode: Taryn’s novel, Seekers of the Lost Boy – http://amzn.to/1aIbAYT

Episode 32: Kylie Butler

ABOUT KYLIE: Kylie has served as pastor, leader and coach with many organisations. Kylie’s passion is to help Christian leaders take the next step.  She is a Professional Certified Coach and has a Cert IV in Business Coaching, a Diploma in Christian Leadership Coaching and she has studied Business at Monash University, Theology at ACOM and her Masters (in Church Practice) through Eastern College Australia. Kylie is married to Adam and has 2 children (Toby and Lily). They live in Melbourne, Australia. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Christian Coaching Institute: www.christiancoachinginstitute.com.au

Episode 31: Keith and Sarah Condie

Host Tori Walker chats with Sarah and Keith about how their marriage works, how healthy marriages strengthen the church, and a new marriage course that they have been developing. Sarah and Keith have been married for 37 years and live in Sydney.  They work as co-directors of Anglican Deaconess Ministries’ Mental Health and Pastoral Care Institute.  Sarah also works as her church’s Well-being and Care Director. Links: www.deaconessministries.org.au www.buildingmarriage.com.au