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LATEST Episodes
Episode 41: Liz Preston

Liz Preston and her husband Graham were planning to head overseas to be involved in mission work, but when that door closed, they became involved in supporting women facing unplanned pregnancies – a work that Liz has been doing since 1966.  Liz has contributed an enormous amount to this work through the Priceless Life Centre in Brisbane.  How big an issue is abortion in our society?  Who does it affect and how do they deal with it?  Liz Preston has devoted her life’s work to thinking about this topic and helping women facing unplanned and crisis pregnancies.  In this episode,...

Episode 40: Karen Nelson

Karen Nelson is married to Hugo and together they have four children. Karen began her working life as a lawyer and lobbyist. Growing up in a marginalised community within the context of an Apartheid South Africa, Karen was determined to be self-sufficient and she was eager to contribute towards a changing nation. While her work challenged her, it also took her away from home enough to cause her to take pause and ask the tough questions that many mums find themselves facing. With much prayer, wise counsel and evaluation of her family’s own needs, Karen made the difficult choice to...

Episode 39: Hannah Begg

Hannah Begg is a young woman in her 20s. Until recently she worked as an occupational therapist in Brisbane. She now works and lives in the UK. While she grew up in a loving Christian home, she found herself grappling with the brokenness of the world. Her journey to having a real, honest relationship with God included many deep and confronting questions and struggles with what she believed to be true. “I think I felt quite terrified that there was this darkness was in the world. I knew the world was broken, but I felt like I was saying to...

Episode 38: Sue Duke

While Sue counts raising her children in Christ as her biggest ministry, she also serves her home church family, Tokai Community Church, in Cape Town, South Africa in various ways, including serving on the women’s ministry team, opening her home to bible study ministry, and closely loving and supporting a missionary family.  Sue is married to Kevin and they have three children, 17, 15 and 11 years old. Education has been a big part of her working and home life, starting out with over a decade as a maths and English teacher and switching over to the role of a...

Episode 37: Amanda Stoker

Amanda Stoker didn’t start out her career as a lawyer with the view to become a Member of the Australian Parliament. Yet, it was with a growing concern for her country that brought Amanda to make the decision that sees her representing Queensland in the Australian Senate today. Prior to her role in the Senate, Amanda spent many years serving as a lawyer in varying capacities, including serving as a Commonwealth prosecutor and as a judge’s associate in the Supreme Court of Queensland. Amanda is married to Adam and together they have three daughters. Sound-bites from this episode: Freedom of...

Episode 36: Kristie Anyabwile

Kristie Anyabwile remembers saying evening prayers every night by her bedside with her grandma. Her grandma was her first Christian influence, but it was only years later, as a newly-married woman suffering the trauma of a recent miscarriage, that Kristie came to truly understand who Jesus was. From the time she and her husband were first rocked by the gospel message they heard on television until this day, Kristie continues to live in the light of that same gospel. Three kids and a few moves later, Kristie’s ministry in the Lord revolves around her family; Anacostia River Church in southeast...